Monday, 22 September 2014

What are the admission requirements in a Caribbean Medical University

For years, less competitive medical school applicants have been attracted to the more liberal admissions policies of medical schools in the Caribbean. Other applicants have been attracted to medical schools overseas for personal reasons, including simply wanting to explore a new culture. However, with a myriad of languages, laws, and curricula, it's hard to know what you're getting—especially if you plan on returning to the U.S. for residency.

Caribbean Medical Schools are the one among the best international medical schools in the US. It assists you to become the best doctor you can be. While considering the foreign students, it would be easy to attain sponsorships and proper funds for pursuing the studies overseas. It is mandatory to weigh the good and adverse affects of pursuing medical studies in a Caribbean Medical School before taking a firm decision on this.

There are some top highlights that prompt the students to opt for the Medical Schools in the Caribbean:


Generally it is less expensive to attend a Caribbean Medical School. An important fact is that there will be extra costs associated with the study abroad programs, such as travel expenses and travel student health insurance and a lot more. However, even with those added expenses the total cost of education is far cheaper in a Caribbean Medical School when compared to other institutions.

Rolling Admissions 

Some Caribbean medical schools have rolling admissions. It implies that the chances to apply to a particular medical school is very wide provides a maximum of three intake s year.  Some schools allow only two fall intakes in a year. This can make the application process far or less stressful to a large extent and permit more time to ensure everything required in order before submitting the application.

High USMLE Pass Rates 

The top list of Caribbean Medical Schools has the USMLE first-time pass rates that are at or above the. average. High USMLE pass rates indicate that the programs offered by Caribbean schools are top level and that the education and advancement is taken in the right way.

USA Clinicals & Residency Programs 

The first two years for the Medical students will be pursued in the overseas campuses for all Caribbean medical schools, but the clinical rotations or hands on trainings for the top schools are in the United States. This offers added advantage to the students in a way that it can benefit from the higher acceptance rates to get into the Caribbean universities. 
Deciding which medical schools to attend is an ever changing decision for a medical student. It's important that enough time is utilized to opt for the best Caribbean school that well suits the requirements of the students. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Which are the Top Caribbean Medical Schools to study Medicine

The Caribbean Medical Schools have afforded many unsuccessful applicants to the US Medical Schools the opportunity to pursue medical education and then return to US for the Internship processes.

However, the challenges of studying in a foreign environment, being immersed in a different language and culture, trying to secure residencies in the U.S., passing the boards, etc., should be carefully examined.

The place where you pause to study should be hectic-free. Caribbean holds the ranking for the world-class islands for its beauty and exotic wildlife.  The islands impersonate the paradise on earth with beautiful white sand along with the lush green plant life encompassed by beaches. Moreover, the oceans in the Caribbean hold its beauty with the lustering of the sun. Obviously, the Caribbean Medical Schools act as a good source of relief for the students with less MCAT scores.

Acknowledged as a medical organization, it cites a handful of uniqueness by adopting undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses, health-related research and several other master degrees. Also, it has tie-up with several hospitals in the US that allow students to perform their clinical practice.
 Chasing your dream to become a medical professional either at home or abroad should not be terminated with high tuition cost or low acceptance costs.

 Medicine as a career is very satisfying and rewarding. It is important for the student, who plans to take up medicine as a career, to have an aptitude and passion for the career options his vocation offers. Once decided on, the student has to go about seeking admission in a proper medical school.
Some of the Top Caribbean Medical Schools that offer several programs in Medicine include the following:

  • Texila American University
  • American University of Antigua
  • Saint James School of Medicine
  • University of the West Indies
  • Ross University
  • St. George’s University and a lot more

Thursday, 11 September 2014

US Clinical Rotation Requirements for International Students

Basic Sciences are vital to learn the vocabulary and grammar of medicine.  Clinical rotations are something different – it’s where one actually learns to be a physician. Whereas the Theories are pursued from anywhere – either online or on campus, the Clinical Rotations have no such options and can be pursued only in the affiliated hospitals.

On successful completion of the Basic Medical Science curriculum from a relevant Medical University, the next step will be the Clinical Rotations or the Clinicals. To get enrolled into any clinical clerkship in any hospitals, student must have successfully completed the academic examination from the recognized Medical University. In general, the clinical clerkships will be of two years duration.

Students are required to start clinical clerkships not later than 2 semesters (8 months) after the completion of Basic Medical Sciences. Students are advised to give the Administration or Clinical Department at least two weeks notice, informing the department of their intent to begin Clinical Clerkships and choice of clinical sites / hospitals.

One of the basic facts concerning the ClinicalClerkships is the Residency Programs or the Internship Programs wherein the students would take the USMLE exams to settle in the US with the concerned trade or profession..

Transfer students from the accredited or recognized Medical Schools would be eligible to apply to different Medical Universities throughout the world.  But in such cases, it is mandatory for the students to demonstrate that the Basic Science part has been successfully completed at the previous medical school and provide Step1 results of the USMLE Examinations, if available. In the absence of USMLE (step 1) examination result, a student may be allowed to commence clinical rotation upon demonstration of very high scholastic achievements by the student in other examinations deemed equivalent to USMLE step 1 or other forms of assessment by the admission committee of the University.